Scientific work

Scientific and Research Affairs

Research interests of the Department are focused of scientific developments in therapy and family medicine, surgery. A team of scientists of the Department, headed by Professor Lilia S. Babinets has developed new treatments for chronic pancreatitis on the background of concomitant diseases and study the problem of pathogenesis of polynutrient deficiency in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Surgeons of the Department continue the study, initiated by Prof. V.B. Hoschynsky, devoted to improving the immediate and remote postoperative results after abdominal surgeries. New and promising research direction in this regard is the use of lyophilized xenodermoimplants to prevent failure of intestinal sutures and anastomoses. Department staff is working to solve current issues related to pathogenesis, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins of lower extremities and the prevention of postoperative recurrence and arteries disease.

The staff of the department has introduced a significant scientific contribution to the study of the pathogenesis of secondary osteoporosis in various pathological conditions and its treatment.

Department researchers have developed a new concept of pathogenesis of polinutrient insufficiency in chronic pancreatitis, making it possible to optimize methods of treatment. They have proposed and implemented in practice methods of correction osteodeficiency in patients with chronic pancreatitis. It should be noted that the research staff of the Department were also devoted to the study of disorders of trophical status in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Based on these studies complex homeosyniatrical correction was implemented into practice. Important in terms of practical medicine was comprehensive study of lipid status in patients with chronic pancreatitis.

Prospects for scientific work are to improve interdepartmental planning and their own scientific developments and their implementation in practice.

It has becom the department tradition to organize the annual scientific conferences and training seminars for family doctors of Ternopil region, as well as district scientific-practical conferences.

During scientific conference: "The most common diseases in a family doctor practice: diagnosis, treatment using modern methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of patients'

The main scientific achievements of the department

- Created the concept of polynutrient insufficiency in chronic pancreatitis;

- Proposed and implemented into practice the methods of correction osteodeficiency in patients with chronic pancreatitis;

- Formulation of thesis on the lipid status in patients with chronic pancreatitis and suggested combined treatment statins;

- Condition of microflora of colon was studied in patients with chronic pancreatitis in combination with COPD and method of correction of dysbiosis with the inclusion of symbiotics was implemented;

- Implementation into surgical practice new suture polymeric materials with antibacterial properties and ability to self-resorption: kaproyod, kapromed.

- The role of cytokine status in spinal osteochondrosis with reflex syndromes was revealed and methodology pharmacological and acupunctured correction of pain was implemented.

- The influence of concomitant hypertension and endothelial dysfunction in the pathogenesis of trophical changes in patients with chronic pancreatitis and the role of metabolic therapy of such conditions were investigated;

- Developed and implemented in practice the methods of sealing of veins using the adhesive composition CL-3.