History of the Department

Department “Ambulatory Care" was founded on January 5, 1999 by the order of the rector of Ternopil State Medical Academy named after I.Ya. Horbachevskyy. Organization of the first, within higher educational medical institutions of Ukraine, multidisciplinary department of Ambulatory Care and Family Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University can justly be regarded as a significant contribution to the development of family medicine in our country. It has really become a department of ambulatory care - family medicine practice, where specialists of family medicine could be trained on the undergraduate level. In particular, the next courses are taught here: ambulatory-outpatient therapeutics, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics-gynaecology, and functional diagnostics.

Professor Volodymyr Goshchynsky, MD, PhD, Doctor of Med. Sci., was the organizer of the Department and led the department until June 2012.

The initial staff of the Department

To the newly created department teachers from various clinical departments of the Ternopil State Medical Academy were transferred: Assoc. prof. V.B. Hoschynskyy (Department of Surgery, faculty of postgraduate education), assistant professors V. Pavlikovska (Department of Children's Diseases), O.O. Vorontsov (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), G.F. Chernyavska and R.A. Badyuk (Department of Hospital Therapy No.1), N.O. Yepishyna and G.V. Tytar (Department of Faculty Therapy), and laboratory assistant M.B. Masna (from the Department of Pediatrics, faculty of postgraduate education); N.Ye. Botsyuk and I.O. Borovyk were hired on positions of assistant professor and senior laboratory assistant respectively. It was this team, that in the short terms (until January 16, 1999) had developed working programs and methodology instructions for the learning process for VI course subject of Ambulatory Care and IV and V courses subject of Functional Diagnosis. Also, the next persons took an important place in the history of the Department: Assoc.prof. I.I. Zhura, Assoc.prof. V.V. Pavlikovska, Assoc. prof. A.V. Zorya and Assoc.prof. S.M. Butvyn; assistant professors N.O. Arkhipova, R.A. Badyuk, M.V. Boychak, N.O. Yepishyna, N.V. Myhaylechko, Ju.P. Kuzjmych, I.F. Banadyha, G.F. Chernyavskaya, G.V. Tytar, all of them took an active part in the formation of "the Department of Policlinic and Family Medicine" and helped to make the Department one of the leading departments of family medicine in Ukraine.

According to the Order of the University number 318 of May 28, 2012, starting from June 1, 2012 "Department of Ambulatory Care and Family Medicine with Medical Equipment" was renamed as "Department of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine", and Professor Liliya S. Babinets, MD, PhD., Doctor of Med. Sci., has become a new head of the Department.

The present staff of the Department

The present staff of the department includes Professor Liliya S. Babinets, MD, PhD., Doctor of Med. Sci., 7 Associated Professors: Irina O. Borovyk, Nataliya Ye. Botsyuk, Neonila I. Korylchuk, Oksana R. Yasniy, Olexander A. Vorontsov, Vadym M. Tvorko, Bogdan A. Migenko, 1 Assistant Professors: Svitlana S. Ryabokon, laboratory assistant Mariya B. Masna.

Faculty members of the Department are not only highly qualified doctors and experienced teachers, but also talented scientists.