Educational work

At the Department, students of the sixth course of medical faculty master their theoretical and practical knowledge. The Department teaches subjects of Internal Disease in Family Medicine, Pediatrics in Family Medicine, Surgery in Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology in Family Medicine.

Classes of Internal Disease in Family Medicine are held by Assoc. prof. I.O. Borovic

Lessons from Pediatrics in Family Medicine, conducted by Assoc. prof. N.Ye. Botsyuk.

Classes of Internal Disease in Family Medicine are held by Assoc. prof. V.M. Tvorko. MRI study

Lessons from outpatient Obstetrics and Gynecology are held by Assoc. prof. A.A. Vorontsov

Practical classes of Surgery in Family Medicine are held by Assoc. prof. B.A. Mihenko.

Teaching-practical centers of primary health care

Thanks to the built and well equipped teaching-practical centers of primary health care in the villages of Zarubincy (Zbarazh District), Hnylytsi (Pidvolochysk District), Hovyliv (Terebovlya District), Uvysliv and Kokoshyntsi (Husiatyn District), students of the sixth course have their independent weekly educational practice of the family doctor in real conditions. They perform functional responsibilities of family physician: perform outpatient reception of patients; conduct preventive examinations of the decreed populations with registration of all the received data (patients' records, family passport, decreed patient's records, etc.); they take part in anti-epidemic measures, in organization of health and educational work among the population, providing the first and urgent care to patients with acute diseases, injuries, poisoning and accidents. Students conduct ECG and laboratory examination of patients and can get on line advice of the relevant specialists from the University Hospital.

Professor L.S.Babinets provides consulting admission of patients in teaching-practical center of primary health care in the village of Hnylytsi, Pidvolochysk District.

The aim of the educational process is the formation of clinical thinking in medical students. Studies are carried out in accordance with the programs approved by the Central Methodological Cabinet of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine; practicals are conducted according to the credit-modular system within the "One Day" regimen. Test control of students' knowledge in the «Moodle» system is embedded into the study process. A framework for Independent integrated test tasks semester exam. A scope of multiple choice test tasks was created for integrated semester exam. Teachers use methodological instructions, situational tasks and relevant cases from patients' records in the educational process. For better mastering the study materials, interesting cases that are difficult for diagnosis are discussed at clinical rounds of professors and associate professors. Aiming to improve the evaluation and registration of students' practical skills, Department staff has developed a "Protocol of Supervision of Ambulatory Patient"; on the cycle 'general practice - family medicine', each student fills in "Medical Chart of Ambulatory Patient." The Department implemented an independent individual research and educational work of students of the 6th course, educational-practical conferences are held regularly.

According to the requirements of the CMC of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, the faculty of the Department in cooperation with the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine [Faculty of Postgraduate Training] has developed continuous program of mastering practical skills of students of the 6th course and interns of family medicine. The program is approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and is mandatory for higher medical educational institutions in Ukraine.

With the participation of employees of the Department, publishing house "Ukrmedknyha" has printed manuals "Clinical phlebology" (2008) and "Venous thrombosis and its complications" (2010). Professor L.S. Babinets is the co-author of the handbook for teachers "Managing of physiological pregnancy" (2012). The staff of the department has prepared supplemented edition of the textbook "Family Medicine".